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May 25 - DJ Celebrity Race

Some of the DJ's at Clear Channel stations came out to the racetrack and hopped in loaned hornets for a 5 lap celebrity race.

adamcamberd.jpg (68269 bytes)

#97 Adam Camberd - 1986 Olds Firenza

(loaned by Rich Hangartner)

1st Place

bigb.jpg (77442 bytes)

#42 Big B - 1985 Volkswagen Golf

(loaned by Matt Watkins)

2nd Place

scottysteele.jpg (99226 bytes)

#70 Scotty Steele - Honda Civic

(loaned by Mike Butler)

? Place

robertfrancis.jpg (87490 bytes)

#85 Robb Francis - 1984 Pontiac Sunbird

(loaned by Bobby Colean)

? Place

Auto Football

Take a Volkswagen Rabbit, turn it on it's roof, and let big hulking V-8s push it around the track like a football.  For sale, one slightly used Rabbit.

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