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Rhoads and Tidrick Victorious at Tri-City Raceway

W. Richland, WA (July 12, 2003) Northwest Dodge Dealers night at Tri-City Raceway was good for Brad Rhoads who grabbed his first win of 2003 in the first 35-lap main for the Lithia Dodge Late Models. BJ Tidrick went unchallenged in the second 35-lap main, his third in the last four races. Visiting Jeff Sisk of Yakima Speedway was a first time winner in his NASCAR Street Stock. Mini-Stock driver Jade Williams raced to his second victory of the season. In the State Transmissions Hornet division, Doug LeClair came from the back of the 22 car main to grab another podium finish.

Brad Rhoads took advantage of starting up front in the first of twin 35-lap mains for the NASCAR Dodge Weekly Series to get his first win of the season. Point’s leader Steve Thompson came from the eighth starting position to finish second. Richard Worley held off BJ Tidrick to get third and Tidrick fourth.

In the second 35-lap main, BJ Tidrick started seventh and within 10-laps, he was in the lead and pulling away. During the main, the full moon appeared over the Eastern hills and the yellows started to fly. This erased Tidricks lead but after each yellow, he showed his strength and was able to pull away. Tidrick now has five wins and this was his third in the last four mains. Point leader Steve Thompson was involved in an early race incident that took him to pit road for repairs. He was able to continue but had to return during each yellow to have the crew pour water onto an overheating cooling system. Steve had to settle for tenth, his first finish out of the top three this season. Brad Rhoads got his second podium finish of the night by beating Mike Zamora back to the checkers. Worley was fourth and Dan Nelson, his best of the year, fifth.

The NASCAR Big 3 Street Stocks again provided the fans with excitement right to the checkered flag. The division had two new cars, as visitors from Yakima Speedway, Jeff Sisk and Eric Hargraves battled each other for the last 12 laps of the 25-lap main. Hargraves tried everything to get by Sisk. Sisk withstood the challenge each time. As they came off turn-two on the last lap, Hargraves tried to go to the outside to pass Sisk but got off the track and by the time he got it back under control he could not get back to Sisk before the finish line. In only his second race of the season Clark Beaver took third and Steve O’Neill fourth. Point leader David Gentzler had his lead shrunk while he struggled to a fifth.

Ten cars in the Mini-Stock division started the 25-lap main and Jade Williams was able to capitalize on starting up front to get his second victory this season. Tony Delp fought off point leader James Ewing’s attempts to get by with a second while Ewing finished third.

Leader of podium finishes Doug LeClair started the 25-lap main for the State Transmissions Hornets almost dead last and was able to weave his way through all the calamity to get yet another win. He and Matt Watkins swapped the lead four times in the last five laps. Watkins finished second, while Josh Duquist made his first trip to the podium by finishing third.

Next up is the Coca-Cola / McDonalds Night at the Races. Meet Ronald McDonald and watch The NASCAR Big 3 (Lithia Dodge Late Models (50-Laps); Street Stocks (25-Laps) and Mini-Stocks (25-Laps)). Add in the State Transmissions Hornets and you have a great mixture for another exciting night at the Northwest Center of Excitement Tri-City Raceway.

Gates open at 5pm and all the excitement begins at 7pm. Adults $11, Jr/Sr $9, Kids (6-12) $2.50, 5 and under free. A family pass for 2-Adults and 3-Kids $24.50.

TCR Results July 12

Lithia Dodge Late Models:

Main #1 (35-Laps):

1-Brad Rhoads; 2- Steve Thompson; 3- Richard Worley; 4- BJ Tidrick; 5- Mike Zamora; 6- Jarrod Crum; 7- Lon Weremeyer; 8- Dan Nelson; 9- Mark Sundberg; 10- Jack Mondor; 11- Brian Lambert; 12- Darrell Tidrick; 13- Duke Langley; 14- Luke Ledgerwood; 15- Andy Savage; 16- Jesse Brown; 17- Greg Kuhlman; 18- Dennis Wurtz

Main #2 (35-Laps):

1- BJ Tidrick; 2- Rhoads; 3- Zamora; 4- Worley; 5- Nelson; 6- Mondor; 7- Sundberg; 8- Savage; 9- Scott Davis; 10- Thompson; 11- Lambert; 12- Langley; 13- Ledgerwood; 14- Weremeyer; 15- Crum; 16- Kuhlman; 17- Wurtz; 18- D. Tidrick; 19- Brown

NASCAR Street Stocks:

Main (25-Laps):

1- Jeff Sisk; 2- Eric Hargraves; 3- Clark Beaver; 4- Steve O’Neill; 5- David Gentzler; 6- Owen Berglund; 7- Jim Franklin; 8- Lee Evans; 9- Bruce Hoffman

NASCAR Mini-Stocks:

Main (25-Laps):

1- Jade Williams; 2- Tony Delp; 3- James Ewing; 4- Tyler Thomas; 5- Jason Brinkley; 6- Robert Claphan; 7- Sean Thomas; 8- Nicole Rice; 9- Charles McDonald; 10- Brenda Sanford

State Transmissions Hornets:

Main (25-Laps):

22 Cars Started; 1- Doug LeClair; 2- Matt Watkins; 3- Josh Duquist


W. Richland, WA (June 29, 2003) BJ Tidrick took the lead in wins with four but remains in second for the track championship behind points leader Steve Thompson who came across the line in third in the 75-lap Hall Chevrolet Mid-Season main for the Lithia Dodge Late Models. The NASCAR Street Stocks had an exciting last lap with surprised winner Steve O’Neill passing the two leaders in the last turn as they took each other out of contention. In the Big 3 Mini-Stock main, James Ewing garnered another win while in the State Transmissions Hornets Doug LeClair received yet another trophy.

Tidrick passed his brother Darrell for the lead from the fifth starting position only 12 laps into the 75-lap Late Model main. Steve Thompson who started in sixth got up to second only to have Jesse Brown pass him with 15 to go. Brown’s second was his best of the year. The Hall Chevrolet Main went caution free. Tidrick’s win took a bite out of Thompson’s 40-point lead. The stage is set for Saturday July 12 when the Late Models will have twin 35-lap features with 50-points going to the winner in each main.

The NASCAR Street Stock point’s leader had a large lead in the 20-lap main only to have a newcomer gobble it up as the two ran side by side for the final two laps. As they entered the final turn on the last lap, they each came together and both fought hard to beat the other back to the line. David Gentzler the point leader was sideways as Clark Beaver, in John Rose’s car he purchased two weeks ago, tried to get by. They both slid down to the new ¼ mile as they started down the front stretch. Third place at the time Steve O’Neill could not believe his luck as he beat Gentzler who was sliding backwards to the finish line. Beaver recovered to finish third. Gentzler and Beaver drove their cars to the center of the figure eight and it looked like there may a confrontation but they reached out and shook hands.

Mini-Stock point’s leader James Ewing fought off continuing challenges from Rob Baie to win the 25-lap main. Baie in only his second race of the season made Ewing work for his fourth of the year. Tyler Thomas finished third is now second in points to starting the second half.

State Transmission’s Hornets have increased the car count from 12 at the opening race to 24 at mid-season. The Hornets had their first heat races of the year. Doug LeClair claimed another top-three trophy. This gives him the unofficial lead for the track championship. Matt Watkins was back on the podium and Mike Lyman Sr. made his second trip to the top-three.

Next up at TCR is Master Transmission’s Night of Fire and Destruction. Thursday July 3 TCR opens the 4th of July Holiday Weekend with a Giant $1000 to win Destruction Derby, Auto Football, Arkansas Trailer Jump, Fireworks, Dirt Stock Cars on the paved ½-mile and featuring the State Transmissions Hornets. Gates open at 5pm and smashing crashing action at 7pm.

Saturday June 28 Results at Tri-City Raceway:

Lithia Dodge Late Models:

Qualifying Heat Race #1:

BJ Tidrick; Richard Worley; Mike Zamora; Jesse Brown; Greg Kuhlman; Jarrod Crum;

Mark Sundberg; Andy Savage; Jade Williams

Qualifying Heat Race #2:

Steve Thompson; Duke Langley; Darrell Tidrick; Brad Rhoads; Lon Weremeyer; Luke Ledgerwood; Dan Nelson; Jack Mondor; Bob Olson

75-Lap Mid-Season Main:

BJ Tidrick; Brown; Thompson; Worley; Weremeyer; Langley; Rhoads; Zamora; Kuhlman; Ledgerwood; Sundberg; Nelson; Mondor; Olson; D. Tidrick; Savage; Crum; Williams

NASCAR Big 3 Street Stocks:

Heat Race:

David Gentzler; Jim Franklin; Steve O’Neill; Lee Evans; Owen Berglund; Bruce Hoffman; Clark Beaver

20-Lap Mid-Season Main:

O’Neill; Gentzler; Beaver; Berglund; Hoffman; Evans; Franklin

NASCAR Big 3 Mini-Stocks:

Heat Race #1:

Rob Baie; James Ewing; Robert Claphan; Sean Thomas; Mark Walker; Jade Williams

Heat Race #2:

Tyler Thomas; Tony Delp; Jason Brinkley; Brenda Sanford; Mike Riddell; Nicole Rice

25-Lap Mid-Season Main:

Ewing; Baie; T. Thomas; Claphan; Sanford; Brinkley; s. Thomas; Delp; Rice

State Transmissions Hornets:

30-Lap Main:

Doug LeClair; Matt Watkins; Mike Lyman Sr


W. Richland, WA (June 15, 2003); It was Giant Nickel Night with all kids getting in for a nickel and 5000 nickels were scrambled for by the kids at intermission. The Figure Eight Drivers from the F.E.A.R. Association put on a show that brought the crowd to their feet for a standing ovation. NASCAR Big 3 Lithia Dodge Late Model driver B.J. Tidrick blew by the competition for his third victory. David Gentzler, NASCAR Street Stock point’s leader got lucky and another win. James Ewing outclassed the field in the NASCAR Mini-Stock Main. In just two weeks of racing with the State Transmissions Hornets Mike Lyman Sr. got his second podium finish this time as the winner.

They made the long tow from the west side of the Cascades to be the first ever to race on TCR’s new ¼-mile figure eight track and they, nor the large crowd were not disappointed. Each of the fourteen drivers from FEAR said they wanted to come back and that was before they even raced a lap. Within two laps from the start of the 35-lap main, they were dicing it up at the X. Once the fans saw how close they come to each other at the X it was love at first sight. Three drivers had the lead but it was Shane Sawin first to the checkers. Following him back to the stripe was Harry Clements closely pursued by Jim Downy. Announcer Scott Ellsworth brought the Crews and Drivers out for a curtain call and the crowd stood and applauded their appreciation for the racing style they had never seen before at TCR.

The fans leaving at the end of the night asked Owner Paul Alderman and General Manager Joe Lewandoski to bring them back. They listened and on Saturday September 27 FEAR will again reign at TCR.

The NASCAR Dodge Weekly Series Lithia Dodge Late Model 50-lap main on the ½-mile had plenty of action but most it costing money as a few wrecks and blown motors sent many to pit road to become spectators. They saw BJ Tidrick start from ninth and by lap fifteen take the lead from Dennis Wurtz. Tidrick stretched his lead to twenty-car lengths. Point’s leader Steve Thompson was giving chase but had to settle for second. BJ now equals Thompson in wins with three. Mike Zamora held on for third while Duke Langley finished fourth.

The NASCAR Street Stocks had another exciting finish unless you are John Rose. It was the second week in a row, where Rose had the thrill of victory grabbed by the jaws of defeat. Last week a last lap mishap, an ensuing black flag, and this week well out in front with four laps left a broken torque converter sent him to the back. Topping all that, after the race, the car he was driving was sold. Now he is looking for a ride. Leader in the point’s battle David Gentzler was in the right place at the right time to get the win with second in points Bruce Hoffman finishing second. Steve O’Neill third and Owen Berglund was fourth.

Mini Stock action had James Ewing stretch his one point lead to eight with another win. Jade Williams took home a second and Tyler Thomas fourth. Jason Brinkley second in the points for the championship had to settle for fifth.

State Transmissions Hornets newcomer Mike Lyman Sr. made it to the top three last week and again this week. A third was followed with a first. Weaving his Honda around the ¼-mile oval and through much of the traffic Mike let the other competitors know he will be someone to beat. In only their second week out Jim Dickenson made it to the podium along with teammate Michael Dickenson.

Next up at TCR is the big one: NASCAR Grand National Division Winston West Series returns to the 1/2 –mile tri-oval for the NAPA 150. 1994 was the last time the Series visited Eastern Washington. Pit stops and 150-laps will challenge these Winston Cup aspiring drivers.

Gates will open at 3pm and Qualifying at 6:30pm. General Admission is $25 and Reserved (top three rows) $30. Tickets available by calling 509-967-9271

Tri-City Raceway 6/14/03 Results:

Lithia Dodge Late Models:

Trophy Dash: Andy Savage

Qualifying Heat Race #1: Dennis Wurtz; Lon Weremeyer; Jesse Brown;

Dan Nelson; Darrell Tidrick; Savage; Scott Davis

Qualifying Heat Race #2: BJ Tidrick; Richard Worley; Mika Zamora;

Steve Thompson; Duke Langley; Steve O’Neill; Mark Sundberg

50-lap Main: BJ Tidrick; Thompson; Zamora; Langley; Weremeyer; D. Tidrick; Nelson; Davis; Wurtz; Brown; Worley; Savage; Sundberg;


NASCAR Street Stocks:

Trophy Dash: John Rose

Heat Race: David Gentzler; Rose; EJ Trujillo; Bruce Hoffman; Owen Berglund; Lee Evans; Steve O’Neill

20-lap Main: Gentzler; Hoffman; O’Neill; Berglund; Rose; Trujillo; Evans

NASCAR Mini-Stocks:

Trophy Dash: Jade Williams

Heat Race: James Ewing; Tyler Thomas; Williams; Jason Brinkley; Mark Walker; Nicole Rice; Brenda Sanford; Mike Riddell

20-lap Main: Ewing; Williams; Thomas; Brinkley; Walker; Rice; Sanford;Riddell

State Transmissions Hornets:

25-lap Main; 20 cars started: Mike Lyman Sr.; Jim Dickenson; Michael Dickenson

FEAR Figure Eight:

Trophy Dash: Don Eslick

Heat Race #1: Doug Wilkenson; Richard Shaver; Ryan Gunderson; Aaron Flett; Rod Griffith; Troy Hoopes; Jessica Wilkenson

Heat Race #2: Pat Clark; Harry Clements; Shane Sawin; Jim Downey; Jerry Funden

35-lap Main: Sawin; Clements; Downey; D. Wilkenson; Gunderson; Flett; Wendi Boyd; Hoopes; Funden; J. Wilkenson; Griffith; Shaver; Clark; Eslick DNS

Worley Finally Wins At Tri-City Raceway

W. Richland, WA (June 8, 2003): As Richard Worley exited his Lithia Dodge Late Model in victory circle he exclaimed, “Finally, it is about time” as he celebrated his first win of the season at Tri-City Raceway. The NASCAR Street Stocks had a surprising finish with Bruce Hoffman declared the winner. Trouble for the two point’s leaders in the NASCAR Mini-Stock Class tightens up the battle for the championship. The State Transmissions Hornets had another twenty-plus car count for their 30-lap main.

Worley started the season in the NASCAR Dodge Late Model Division with three straight second place finishes and then the roof started to cave in with a last place finish in race four after suspension trouble. For races, five and six he had to sit in the pits for both races with engine trouble. He dropped from second in points to twelfth in just two weeks. He started his march back to the top of the list with his first win Saturday night in the Ranch and Home New Northwest Broadcasting 50-lap main for the Lithia Dodge Late Models.

A yellow on lap two involving six cars sent BJ Tidrick, Jesse Brown, Lon Weremeyer and Luke Ledgerwood to pit road for repairs. Tidrick and Brown were able to return with their cars looking like Modifieds. On the restart leader, Dennis Wurtz had the Worley car right behind him. A few laps later Worley was able to power around Wurtz to take the lead. He pulled away from the pack while point’s leader Steve Thompson who started tenth had pulled up to fifth. By lap twenty Thompson had pulled into the second position and started to reel in leader Worley. Worley then picked up the pace and kept a twenty-car length lead for the remaining 30-laps. Thompson who finished second still maintains a lead in the season championship chase.

Wurtz, who also had trouble last week and missed the twin mains dropping him to fourteenth in points, had his best finish of the season by crossing the line in third. Second in points, BJ Tidrick was able to recover enough to garner a seventh place finish.

The NASCAR Big 3 Street Stock finish was a checkered flag followed by a black flag. The 20-lap main had Richard Cagle and John Rose fighting for the lead for the last 10 laps. This battle had the two of them side by side for most of those laps. On lap, twenty Rose and Cagle made contact-entering turn three of the ½-mile tri-oval, Cagle spun and Rose was able to recover to make it back to the checkers and thought he won the main. As he came back to the front stretch on his cool down lap officials displayed the disqualifying black flag. Bruce Hoffman who watched all this as the third place car was declared the winner. Steve O’Neill finished second and Lee Evans third. David Gentzler the leader for the season championship finished fifth losing part of his eighteen-point lead to O’Neill.

In the NASCAR Big 3 Mini-Stocks points leader James Ewing suffered major damage in an incident, which also involved second place Jason Brinkley. In the 20-lap main, they both had ill handling cars and finished well back of winner Jade Williams. Tony Delp took home second place honors and Tyler Thomas third. Unofficially Ewing and Brinkley are now tied for the point’s lead.

The State Transmissions Hornets again entertained the large crowd with metal crunching action on the ¼-mile. Caleb Suttle led most of the 30-lap main only to be slowed by traffic while winner Doug LeClair chose the right path with five laps to go. Mike Lyman finished on the podium in third.

Next up at TCR is the Giant Nickel Night at the Races. All kids 0-13 will be admitted for just a nickel and at intermission; there will be a nickel pick up for all the kids as track officials will scatter 5,000 nickels ($250).

Adults $11, Jr/Sr $9 and Kids 0-13 $.05. Racing at 7pm

June 7 Results at Tri-City Raceway;

Lithia Dodge Late Models:

Trophy Dash: Mike Zamora; Duke Langley; Steve Thompson; BJ Tidrick

Qualifying Heat race #1: Thompson; Darrell Tidrick; Richard Worley; Zamora; Langley; Jesse Brown; Mark Sundberg; Dan Nelson; Jade Williams

Qualifying Heat Race #2: Brad Rhoads; Andy Savage; Luke Ledgerwood; Dennis Wurtz; BJ Tidrick; Jarrod Crum; Lon Weremeyer; Scott Davis

50-lap main: Worley; Thompson; Wurtz; Zamora; Langley; Darrell Tidrick; BJ Tidrick; Nelson; Savage; Sundberg; Crum; Davis; Rhoads; Brown; Ledgerwood; Weremeyer; Williams

NASCAR Big 3 Street Stocks:

Trophy Dash: Bruce Hoffman; Richard Cagle; David Gentzler; Steve O’Neill

Heat Race: John Rose; Cagle; Gentzler; O’Neill; Hoffman; Lee Evans; Owen Berglund

20-lap main: Hoffman; O’Neill; Evans; Berglund; Gentzler; Rose; Cagle

NASCAR Big 3 Mini-Stocks:

Trophy Dash: Brenda Sanford; James Ewing; Jason Brinkley; Tyler Thomas

Heat Race: Tony Delp; Thomas; Sanford; Mark Walker; Jade Williams; Ewing; Brinkley

20-lap main: Williams; Delp; Thomas; Sanford; Brinkley; Walker; Rice; Ewing

State Transmissions Hornets:

30-lap main: 22 cars started

1st: Doug LeClair

2nd: Caleb Suttle

3rd: Mike Lyman

Thompson & Tidrick Victorious at Tri-City Raceway W. Richland, WA (May 31, 2003): In the Aaron’s Twin 35’s two former winners in the Lithia Dodge Late Model Series revisited victory circle. Steve Thompson got his third win in six starts and BJ Tidrick his second. The NASCAR Street Stocks had its first repeat winner, David Gentzler winning by less than a car length and in the NASCAR Mini-Stock division James Ewing won along with taking over the points lead.

The Lithia Dodge Late Model’s first 35-lap main had plenty of action when Jarrod Crum was hit by Duke Langley as they both fought for the lead midway through the race. Crum spun and Langley was sent to the back. Then on the restart BJ Tidrick had a linkage problem as he was ready to take the lead from Lon Weremeyer sending him to pit road. Thompson closed on the leader Weremeyer who slipped as Thompson cruised to the win. Lon Weremeyer recovered to finish second his best finish of the year. Brad Rhoads took third and Jesse Brown finished fourth.

In the second 35-lap main BJ Tidrick started in sixth and after 15-laps was charging by Thompson and pulled away to his second win of the season. Thompson hung on for second with Mike Zamora third after coming from the back of the pack after a penalty sent him there.

Two drivers in the point’s battle for the Lithia Dodge Late Model Championship spent the night on pit road. Richard Worley bent two valves and Dennis Wurtz an oil pressure problem.

The all important Track Championship battle stays the same for the top two. Thompson gained a few points on Tidrick and with his third win in six races will keep him in the top four of the Northwest Region of the NASCAR Dodge Weekly Series.

The NASCAR Street Stocks had a side by side finish with David Gentzler beating Steve O’Neil back to the stripe. Owen Berglund took third place and Bruce Hoffman fourth.

James Ewing picked up his second win of the season in the NASCAR Mini-Stocks with Jade Williams second. Brenda Sanford’s third was her best of the year.

State Transmissions Hornets driver Matt Watkins had his fourth podium finish of the season by winning the 25-lap main. Doug LeClair finished second and Richard Hangartner third.

May 31 Results Tri-City Raceway

Lithia Dodge Late Models: Qualifying Heat Race #1: Duke Langley; Luke Ledgerwood; Dan Nelson; Steve Thompson; Mark Sundberg; Andy Savage; Scott Davis; Steve O’Neill; Brad Rhoads - Qualifying Heat Race #2: Jarrod Crum; Mike Zamora; Jesse Brown; Lon Weremeyer; BJ Tidrick; Darrell Tidrick; Rick Gerard; Richard Worley 35-lap Main #1: Thompson; Weremeyer; Rhoads; Brown; Zamora; Langley; Crum; Davis; Sundberg; Savage; BJ Tidrick; ;Nelson; Ledgerwood; D. Tidrick; Gerard; O’Neill 35-lap Main #2: BJ Tidrick; Thompson; Zamora; Langley; Crum; Brown; Weremeyer; Savage; Davis; Sundberg; Ledgerwood; Gerard; D. Tidrick; Nelson; O’Neill

NASCAR Mini-Stocks: Trophy Dash: Jade Williams; Tony Delp; Nicole Rice; Mark Walker – Heat Race: Tyler Thomas; Williams; Rice; Brenda Sanford; Walker; Delp; James Ewing; Jason Brinkley; Mike Riddell – 25-lap Main: Ewing; Williams; Sanford; Walker; Brinkley; Delp; Thomas; Rice

NASCAR Street Stocks: Trophy Dash: Bruce Hoffman; Lee Evans; Owen Berglund; James Roice – Heat Race: David Gentzler; Steve O’Neill; Hoffman; Berglund; Evans – 20-lap Main: Gentzler; O’Neill; Berglund; Hoffman; Evans

State Transmission Hornets: 25-lap Main: 23 Cars Started: Top 3: Matt Watkins; Doug LeClair; Richard Hangartner


W. Richland, WA (May 10,2003): Steve Thompson garnered his second win of the season by out dueling second place finisher Jarrod Crum in the Dodge Night at the Races Lithia Dodge Late Model 50-lap main.

Thompson who started the night as the point’s leader gained ground on both Richard Worley and Mike Zamora who both had trouble. Thompson grabbed the lead early from Crum and pulled away.

Seventeen-year-old Darrell Tidrick finished on the podium in third. Both Tidrick and Crum had their highest finish of the young season. Thompson with the win is the first repeat winner of the season in the Late Model Division.

In the NASCAR Mini-Stocks Tony Delp got his second win in a row. He held up to the pressure of James Ewing who got the lead on two occasions only to have handling problems in turn three and Delp would pass him back. Point’s leader Jason Brinkley rounded out the top three

The NASCAR Street Stocks had another new winner with the visiting driver from Yakima Speedway, Richard Cagle coming from the back to win. It was his first time back to TCR in two years. David Gentzler, last week’s winner and point leader, finished second followed by Steve O’Neill.

The State Transmissions Hornets saw last weeks second place driver Doug Leclair made it to Victory Circle. Mike Riddelll who won earlier this season took second and third went to Ron Gaines. The first rollover of the year in the Hornet Class was Bobby Colean as he made a full roll over then continued.

Next up at Tri-City Raceway is US Army Night at the Races featuring the fifth race of eighteen for the NASCAR Big 3 (Lithia Dodge Late Models, Mini-Stocks & Street Stocks) and State Transmissions Hornets.

Gates open at 5pm and Racing Action starts at 7pm. Adults $11, Junior / Seniors $9, Kids 6-13 $2.50 and under 6 free.

May 10 Results Tri-City Raceway

Lithia Dodge Late Models:

Trophy Dash: Darrell Tidrick (Yakima, WA); Jarrod Crum (Kennewick, WA); Scott Davis (Kennewick, WA); Dan Nelson (Kennewick, WA)

Qualifying Heat Race #1: Mike Zamora (Kennewick, WA); Steve Thompson (W. Richland, WA); Lon Weremeyer (Yakima, WA); BJ Tidrick (Yakima, WA); Crum: Andy Savage (Kennewick, WA); Dennis Wurtz (Nampa, ID); Richard Worley (Benton City, WA); Jerry Markee (Kennewick, WA)

Qualifying Heat Race #2: Jessie Brown (Kennewick, WA); D. Tidrick; Luke Ledgerwood (Pomeroy, WA); Rick Gerard (Hermiston, OR); Davis; Brad Rhoads (Pasco, WA); Mark Sundberg (Seattle, WA); Duke Langley (Umatilla, OR); Nelson.

50-lap Main: #1 (10) Thompson; #2 (2) Crum; #3 (3) D. Tidrick; #4 (9) BJ Tidrick; #5 (14) Langley; #6 (17) Markee; #7 (4) Sundberg; #8 (18) Rhoads; #9 (13) Wurtz; #19 (8) Zamora; #11 (6) Weremeyer; #12 (11) Savage; #13 (7) Brown; #14 (5) Ledgerwood; #15 (15) Worley; #16 (1) Davis; #17 (16) Nelson; #18 (12) Gerard. Starting Position in ( )

NASCAR Mini-Stocks:

Trophy Dash: Tony Delp (W. Richland, WA); Brenda Sanford (Pasco, WA); Tyler Thomas (Pasco, WA); Nicole Rice (Benton City, WA)

Qualifying Heat Race: Delp; James Ewing (Richland, WA); Thomas; Jason Brinkley (Pasco, WA); Rice; Jade Williams (Kennewick, WA); Sanford

25-lap Main: Delp; Ewing; Brinkley; Thomas; Williams; Sanford; Rice

NASCAR Street Stocks:

Trophy Dash: David Gentzler (Walla Walla, WA); Bruce Hoffman (Kennewick, WA); Steve O’Neill (Kennewick, WA); Lee Evans (Kennewick, WA)

Qualifying Heat Race: Richard Cagle (Yakima, WA); Gentzler; Hoffman; O’Neill; Evans

20-lap Main: Cagle; Gentzler; O’Neill; Hoffman; Evans


W. Richland, WA (May 7, 2003): The NASCAR Big 3 has yet to have a repeat winner this season. There have been three different winners in each of the three divisions comprising the NASCAR Big 3. Nine different drivers have visited victory circle.

This Saturday May 10, Tri-City Raceway will host Dodge Night at the Races and the return of the NASCAR Big 3. This will mark the fourth of eighteen scheduled races this season for the three divisions on the ½-mile tri-oval.

Lithia Dodge NASCAR Dodge Weekly Series Late Model drivers Steve Thompson, Mike Zamora and BJ Tidrick, the three previous winners, will try to be the first of this division to repeat. Other drivers will attempt to make their first trip to victory circle, Richard Worley who has had three straight second place finishes will try to break that streak and Luke Ledgerwood who led a major portion of last week’s 50-lap main will be a strong contender. With the new style of qualifying and the one-tire per event rule has created parity, with the top three only four points apart for the championship.

The NASCAR Mini Stocks the second division of the NASCAR Big 3 has also had three different winners. Tony Delp, James Ewing and Steve Burrus will be challenged by point’s leader Jason Brinkley and third in points Tyler Thomas.

John Rose, Mike Hill and the most recent winner David Gentzler will work at being the first to repeat in the Street Stocks, the third division of the NASCAR Big 3.

Also on tap for Dodge Night at the Races are the State Transmissions Hornets. There has not been a repeat winner in this class in their two previous appearances on the new ¼-mile oval. The Spectator Drags Class will be on the ¼-mile for the second time this season.

Dodge Night at the Races will feature the NASCAR Big 3 (Lithia Dodge Late Models, Mini-Stocks & Street Stocks), State Transmissions Hornets and Spectator Drags.

The front Gates will open at 5pm and at 7pm the Trophy Dashes, Qualifying Heat Races followed by all the Main Events.

Adults $11, Junior / Seniors $9, Kids 6-13 $2.50, Under 6 Free and a Family Pass for 2-Adults & 3-Kids $24.50.

BJ Tidrick Wins Lithia Dodge Late Model Main at Tri-City Raceway

W. Richland, WA (May 4, 2003): NAPA Auto Parts night at the races produced a first time winner in each of the four divisions. BJ Tidrick won his first main of the season for the Lithia Dodge NASCAR Dodge Weekly Series Late Models. Also visiting victory circle for the first time this season were Mini-Stock driver Tony Delp, Street Stock driver David Gentzler and State Transmissions Hornet driver Matt Watkins.

BJ Tidrick running second watched as Luke Ledgerwood lost control on lap 42 of the 50-lap NAPA Auto Parts Main. On the restart, Tidrick had the lead with Steve Thompson in second and Richard Worley in third. Thompson and Worley got to racing each other while Tidrick pulled away. Worley got by Thompson for second as a yellow caution was out for a spin in turn 2. This had Worley directly behind Tidrick’s Chevy for the green-white-checker restart. Tidrick was able to open a two-car length lead and Worley had to settle for his 3rd straight second place finish. Finishing third was Thompson his second of the season after a season opening win.

Two more drivers had their personal bests of the young season, Idaho’s Dennis Wurtz a fourth and Oregon’s Duke Langley fifth.

Only 3-cautions slowed the race as compared to the last time out for the NASCAR Dodge Weekly Series Late Models when 7-cautions and 2-reds slowed the action with only half the field finishing. Seventeen cars turned out and sixteen made it to the start of the main. Scott Davis’s Chevrolet was unable to answer the bell after T-Boning Mike Zamora in an earlier heat race. All sixteen starters finished the race and 12 were on the lead lap.

The NASCAR Mini-Stock 25-lap main had plenty of action as winner Tracy Klemsrud went from front to back and back to front for his first win of the season. Jade Williams who had the lead until Klemsrud drove by with just a few laps left. Steve Burrus, who had car trouble most of the night, had those troubles disappear in the final ten laps to recover for a third place finish. The action was not over for these three divers, as their cars did not pass post-race inspection. The win was awarded to fourth place driver Tony Delp followed by Jason Brinkley and Tyler Thomas.

TCR’s new NASCAR Street Stock division still in its growing stages had David Gentzler the class of the field in his NAPA Auto Parts Chevrolet. His 20-lap main win was preceded by a wins in the heat and trophy dash. Bruce Hoffman made Gentzler work for the win in the main by racing side by side for 10 laps but as the checkers came out he lost to Gentzler by just a half car length.

The State Transmissions Hornets had 19 cars take the green for their 35-lap main on the new ¼ mile. With cars scattered all over the ¼-mile oval Mike Riddell and Matt Watkins weaved their way around swapping the lead many times. Riddell held the lead with one lap to go only to have Matt Watkins squeeze by in turn four as they came to the checkered flag. The other podium finisher was Doug Leclair.

Next up at TCR: Dodge Night at the Races, The NASCAR Big 3 (Lithia Dodge Late Models, Mini-Stocks and Street Stocks) return to the ½-mile tri-oval along with the State Transmissions Hornets and Spectator Drags on the 1/4-mile.

Adults $11; Seniors – Juniors $9; Kids 6 -13 $2.50 and under 6 Free. A Family pass for 2-Adults and 3-Kids $24.50.

Front gates at 5pm and Racing at 7pm.

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