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2005 Yamaha FJR 1300

September 2004 to present -

My first new bike.  First big bike.  At 145hp this thing is a rocket with hard bags.  Here it is completely stock. 

It didn't stay that way for long though.

2004 to 2005 - 1988 Honda Shadow 600 VLX


After I went to Bikeweek in Daytona, Florida I got the bug and thought I needed to try a V-twin.  I found this one in very good shape for $1700 and only 4,300 miles on it.  It spent a fair amount of time in Western Washington with a few spots of rust on the chrome, but I'm slowly getting it cleaned up one nook and cranny at a time.

I've learned there's quite a following on these Shadows.  I've also learned that riding a twin is WAY different than a sport touring like my Ninja.  You don't drive it or ride it...you sort of take a ride on it and cruise.


Age 4 to 11 -Farms and Kids on Motorcycles Are a Great Mix

1972 or 1973 Honda Trail 90

I couldn't touch the ground, but Dad would start me out and I'd have gone all day if they let me.

1974 to 1976 Honda MR50

My first motorcycle.  Clutching was a real trick and the points were always messing up, but what a fun bike.  Three speeds and I'd cruise the lawn or go on long trips 3/8 of a mile to the mailbox.


1976 to 1977 Honda SL70

Not the best bike or tires for mountain riding, but hey it was the next step after the MR50.


1977 to 1980 Honda XR75

Probably the funnest bike I owned and I ran the piss out of it.  This four stroke just flat was fun. (The detail picture is not my bike.  I remember my graphics were gray or black.  Eventually Dad sold the bike to a neighbor who put a 125 engine in it and turned it into a flat tracker. 

Age 12 on - Riding Bikes to Change Farm Water and Occasional Ride

(insert pictures)

1980 Suzuki DS100, 1980s XR175, 200, Husqvarna 250, Suzuki TS185, and KTM 504

Not so much my bike dedicated bikes at this point--I pretty much rode whatever I could get.

Age 23 to 28 - I Dabble In Street Bikes


1991 to 1992 '74 Suzuki TS 185

An enduro experiment where electricals become my absolute nightmare.


1993 to present - 1975 Honda CB400 F or Motorcyclist Review

I bought this little gem for $400.  The pictured is not mine, but most mine is intact.  It needs a full restore, but will be a project one day.  The original owner bought it on my 7th birthday...the same time I had my red MR50.


Age 35 - A Passion Renewed

1994 to 1997 - 1988 Kawasaki Ninja 600R

Fun bike, fast, and I kinda got nervous I was going to splat myself.  Got it to 132 on the speedo.  Bought $2500, sold $2000.




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