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I return my seat for the second time.  The first adjustment that helped stop me from sliding into the tank helped, but it didn't do much for the pressure points in my ass cheeks.

I expected more of a lip under the thigh like Russells have.....more ass cuppage.  The seat is visually beautiful and a 150 mile seat where the stock seat was a 50 mile seat.  But, I really need at least a 500+ mile seat for the IBR.

It starts with pressure in two points of my ass cheeks, and builds up to pressure in my whole butt across the seat and eventually my tailbone gets numb.

Many have remarked that the seat feels very stiff when they push it, but I'm OK with that.  I think I understand that density is fine if the seat fits.....but it just doesn't fit......yet ;)

Each image is a thumbnail.  Click on it to see a high resolution picture.

1. Yellow dots are approximately where pressure points develop.  As time progresses it's an oval shape over my whole ass between the two dots.  It's like that area needs to be more recessed and/or material needs to be built up around rectangular sticky.
2. Rectangular sticky with line approximates line of built-up areas on Russell Day Longs I've observed on other bikes.
3. Close-up of my butt.  Yellow circled area is center of hot spot.  I'm not a seat maker, but it seems one possible option is to build up red circled area if center of seat can't be dished.  It's OK to raise seating position up to 1/2" higher.
4. A rear 3/4 view.  Purple area shows tailbone that gets numb over time.
5. Yellow circles are hot spots and yellow oval shows area of ass that gets sore over time.
6. Adding AirHawk in this exact position adds another 100 miles to the seat and the only way I can ride with this seat long distance.  Cushion increases the time it takes for hot spots to build up.  With the cushion farthest forward it simulates, I think, building up of seat in the rectangular sticky area and the nad area.  The green area seems also to be nicer to my tailbone in the 500+ mile ride.

I know if I take the cushion off I instantly notice the hot spots and feel like I'm sitting on a flat board.






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