Combine Demo Derby
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June 6th 

I visited my wheat farming, snowmobiling friends up North in Lind, Washington and saw my first combine demolition derby.   Ron hooked us up and we parked in the pits next to Jaws.  Jaws won his heat, but got nailed in the final.

lind0301.jpg (134232 bytes)  lind0303.jpg (108672 bytes)

Besides actually banging combines, there's a decoration contest.  The first two pictures represent some of the cooler looking ones.  The last one is the Representative, Mark Schoesler (R), 16th District

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It baffles me what Lind would be doing importing ugly snowmobilers from Priest Lake, but you just can't keep G'Feller away from the party.

lind0306.jpg (93074 bytes) 

One of the better captured pieces of action.

lind0307.jpg (101700 bytes) 

Repairing equipment between heats is tough when you put turn cylinders on backwards and film crews documenting this epic event.  But, to their advantage I'd like to see Jeff Gordon's pit crew take a shovel and dig a groove in the Talladega pits to get the extra clearance for a wheel.

lind0308.jpg (129072 bytes) lind0309.jpg (96902 bytes) lind0311.jpg (123437 bytes) 

At the end of the evening Lind is a great place to have a drink and share stories with friends.

Derby Realization #1

Clown Oil = Crown Royal

Certain wheat farmers enjoy the taste of this special liquid.  It lubricates combine crews and spectators very well.

lind0312.jpg (75479 bytes)

Thanks guys.  I had a great time and will be back next year!

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